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Redshift 7 Premium Review

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PROS / This software offers millions of stars, an active user community and a powerful observation planner.

CONS / It is not compatible with Macs and lacks daily/nightly reports.

 VERDICT / With guided tours and 3D flight, this is a powerful stargazing software.

Redshift 7 Premium by United Soft Media Verlag GmbH, one of many high-quality software packages from this Germany-based company, is a powerful astronomy package that contains everything you need, including detailed impressive extras like guided tours and telescope controls, to make your home astronomy adventures thrilling, fun and educational. Redshift 7, the TopTenREVIEWS Bronze Award winner of our astronomy software review, is one of the best astronomy packages available and we’re excited to highlight its many features.

Redshift 7 is your standard astronomy software package done brilliantly, with several impressive extras that are sure to thrill. Their guided tours of our galaxy, outer galaxies and dozens of other interactive tours (that are updated as new discoveries in the astronomy field are announced) is an excellent way to know the latest on the skies above. One of their more unique tours, the Disappearance of the Jovian Moons, which follows the eclipse of the moons of Jupiter, is just one of the fascinating tours you can take.

And if a more relaxed approach to astronomy is your thing, the 3D flights are a great way to learn and have a truly transportive experience. Simply select a flight from the Extras menu (Planets, Moons, and Stars are just a taste of the subcategories, including an impressive selection of star-related 3D flights), and Redshift 7 will whisk you away through the galaxy to the location of your choice, in engaging first-person display.

Redshift 7 astronomy software also has a powerful telescope control for those wishing to integrate the live sky into their astronomy experience. Most popular brands of robotic telescopes are compatible with their telescope function. Focus your telescope on a star cluster you’d like to learn more about, and Redshift 7 will become your personal star expert. Redshift 7 is ASCOM and EQ6 compliant.

Another cool feature of Redshift 7 astronomy software is their integrated Google Maps tool. This forward-thinking program gives you online access to Google Maps, a powerful live satellite that you can point/zoom to any location on Earth. Enter your coordinates and center your location. Even synchronize Redshift to follow Google Maps. Online access to the Digitized Sky Survey is also available.

We also love Redshift 7’s observation planner. This powerful tool integrated into this astronomy software, perfect for your in-the-field observation, covers every aspect of planning your day-to-day observation. Enter your location and the date of your choosing, and you’ll get a full report of the sky, with stats on the Sunrise, the Sunset, the Moonrise, the Moonset, the Moon Age and all the objects in the sky that will be visible in that 24 hour period, and at what time.

They also have a Facebook, Twitter and YouTube page to stay connected with their users. On their site, you can even connect with other Redshift astronomy software users. In their Community section, you can upload your latest pictures (taken from your telescope), share your favorite observation spots, find other people who use the same equipment as you do, and communicate in their Forums; a place where you can post questions on various software issues and ask astronomy-related questions.

Upon purchasing, you can to choose to either download the program or have the hard copy mailed directly to you. There‘s a charge for shipping, and only credit cards are accepted.


Redshift 7 astronomy software offers a wide range of features that make exploring the skies more exciting than any Hollywood 3D movie. From direct access to star catalogs USNO-B1.0, SIMBAD and SOHO, with over 100 million stars at your fingertips, to exoplanets (planets outside the solar system) and a comprehensive list of dwarf planets, is just the beginning of what Redshift 7 has to offer.

For a personalized experience, the user-interface is entirely customizable. To customize which features are displayed on the toolbar, go to the Panels option on the menu bar and select Toolbar. Here you select to display the controls for a variety of frequently used program functions, from Start, Workspace, to Telescope Controls. Redshift 7 also has several photorealistic horizon panoramas to choose from (location options range from City, Mountains, Ocean, Village and Aerial view), to make your at-home exploring as realistic as possible. You can even change the sound scheme of your panorama display. Choose from Space, Nightingale, Space, Forest, Bonfire, Lake, Frogs and Crickets.

Redshift 7 astronomy software also makes it easy to track and chart asteroids, comets and meteor showers. Numerical integration calculates the exact motion of comets and asteroids. There’s also a macro recorder function included in Redshift 7 that enables users to record their own deep space tours. You can even upload and share your tours with the Redshift user community.

The Sky Diary is an area within Redshift 7 that has several useful functions. Track past and future solar and lunar eclipses, calculate conjunctions and discover the location of the planets (in relation to the Sun) in any given month.

There are great features such as telescope and joystick control (to zoom through space like Luke Skywalker himself), over 100 multimedia tours, lectures, animations of record-breaking astronomical events, and a helpful terminology dictionary. This dictionary is combined with a vast photo gallery that includes solar system planets and moons, exoplanets, globular clusters, supernova remnants, extragalactic universe elements, as well as photos from actual space missions. These are just some of the extended features that make Redshift 7 astronomy software a popular choice among serious at-home astronomers.

Their Spaceflights feature is one such feature that really shines. Take a famous recreation of your favorite spaceflight, from the Apollo 13 mission, the HIPPARCOS mission, Voyager 2, to Cassini.


The community features offered by Redshift 7 Premium are impressive. The community area on their site allows users to upload their star charts and favorite observing sites. They also have accounts on Facebook, Twitter and YouTube.




Ease of Use

Any at-home astronomy software should be easy to install and use (and not take away from the overall astronomy viewing experience). Redshift 7 exceeds our ease of use expectations in this area by creating an intuitive program that makes it easy to figure out, with controls that work quick and like you‘d expect them to. Functions and features should be easy to use the first time, and they are with Redshift 7. All it takes is a few minutes of use to understand the flow of the software, enabling you to begin exploring the skies (and galaxies) right away.

Help & Support

For assistance with your Redshift 7 astronomy software product, an email address is provided on their website. A FAQs section can be found here as well, with categories answering questions like “Where do I find object data updates?” When using the program, a detailed user guide is also available (located under the Help menu). And if you’d like to be kept avail of Redshift’s latest announcements, be sure to sign-up for their newsletter (also found on their website).


Shipping/Delivery Methods

Redshift 7 Premium is available for download on their site. A hard copy can also be shipped if you so choose.


There’s a lot to be said for Redshift 7, an award-winning software that has everything you need for one of the best at-home star-gazing experience‘s currently available. From its doubly enhanced features, coveted telescope controls, to being connected to the latest star maps, Redshift 7 Premium is a superior example of astronomy software and we’re excited to highlight it in our review.